The coffee shop trader follows the trading life of an amateur trader looking to make it big through modern tools, both basic and (hopefully soon!) advanced.

The last big leap was when services like eTrade became available, which allowed you to trade online for $10 a pop. In today’s world we have apps like Robin Hood, with free trading, and ecurrency markets such as bit coin markets, where trades are cheap, or even free.

I’m using these tools to get a grip on the markets, and learn by doing, without risking a huge amount of capital.  Unlike the trading days of yester-year, free trading apps like Robin Hood allow anyone to join the trading game with very little money.

Here on Coffee Shop Trader I’ll be sharing my successes, and losses.  What I learn, and what I miss.  This site isn’t something you should take verbatim, I’m not a real trader, but hopefully you can follow me on my journey and think about what I learn, and what I talk about, to become a more successful trader.

As with any advice like this, it’s informational, don’t just do what I do, I’m not telling you to do the things I’m doing (I have my big losses, as well as my big gains).